Amazing Recipe of Classic Baru Sandwich

Amazing Recipe of Classic Baru Sandwich

Baru is customarily a Brazilian sandwich. Cheddar, tomato, and gherkins in a French bun make it a breakfast please. Do give it a shot on a weekend when you need to enjoy great nourishment.


Sheep 180 gms

Bacon 30 gms

Red wine 10 ml

Chicken salami 10 gms

Egg 2 no

Oil 60 ml

Ciabatta bread 1 no

Eggless mayonnaise 40 gms

Pommery mustard 40 gms

Lettuce 20 gms

Tomato (cut) 30 gms

Chicken hotdogs 2 no

Potato plate of mixed greens/French fries 80 gms

Spread 20 gms

Mixed drink onions 10 gms

Gherkins 10 gms

Salt and dark pepper 2 gms each

Lettuce head 1 no

Panko pieces 30 gms


1. Level the tenderloin and marinate with rosemary and olive oil with some red wine.

2. Flame broil the bacon on a hot dish till is somewhat chestnut and firm.

3. Dunk the cut bread cuts into egg hitter and move them uniformly into panko scraps (coarse pieces       made with destroyed bread) until both sides are equitably covered. Put the bread cuts onto a                 warmed skillet until the panko scraps turn brilliant chestnut.

4. Crease the chicken salami to be put on top of 1 base cut of the bread.

5. Warm the bread cuts and uniformly spread Pommery mayonnaise.

6. Organize lettuce, cut tomato, mixed drink onions and gherkins on top of the Pommery mayonnaise     bread cut.

7. Put the collapsed chicken salami on top of the layered bread cut.

8. Presently delicately stack the barbecued bacon on top of chicken salami.

9. Put the cooked tenderloin on top of barbecued bacon.

10. Sear one egg sunny side up, and put it on top of the chicken.

11. Add salt and dark pepper to taste.

12. The sandwich can be presented with chicken frankfurters or potato serving of mixed greens or             French fries as an afterthought, according to inclination.

13. Organize lettuce head, sandwich and French fries on a plate, as demonstrated in the nourishment         shot.


Pommery mayonnaise is a blend of eggless mayonnaise and Pommery mustard

1 egg is for the morsel rotisserie and the other one is for the singed egg

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